listing front of house

Welcome! This is the listing photo for our first home. My husband and I started house searching before “officially” being married with the hopes of having a house to move into after being married. We were married in June of 2009 and closed in August. We had moved out of our basement apartment and in with the in laws until the house was ours. We were young 20 and 21 and had a small budget. Actually, at this time the market was crap…there was nothing on the market that was in our budget that wasn’t a total dump. We looked at a few houses before I came across the open house listing for our home. As a young couple we knew we wanted to stay well below our approved loan amount and we also had really no idea what we were looking for. We wanted country and quiet and that’s what we got, 1.38 acres it wasn’t the five or more we wanted but we took it. Anyways, this “starter” home became our family home. Life happened, kids happened and we are still here. Our home has 1,488 “finished” sq footage but that includes the basement. It’s three bedrooms and one bath with a finished living space downstairs. We are now a family of five so I am constantly rearranging, redecorating and adapting to our families needs. Many would’ve moved by now and we’ve considered it but I’m to the point, at least for now, to make this home work.

As a disclaimer, my house is always under construction. I get ideas and I jump on them. This is real life people and I have put off starting a blog for a long time because my house wasn’t magazine ready and was unfinished. I came to realize I’d never be able to blog and share things because real life was always going to happen. So, you will see my house unfinished, mid-project, messy, dirty and imperfect. I have three small children a husband who works a lot and too many ideas and not enough money to make everything the way I want all the time but you will see me get there in real life time.

Here’s the listing photo of our master bedroom. Umm, not my style. The first thing we did was paint, i hated the color. I didn’t have any real style when I made the change and picked indigo blue. Blue is my favorite color that I knew but it made for a dark and boring bedroom and actually, up until a few weeks ago it stayed that color. Going on seven years of no change and no style. I didn’t know what to do with it and going into the project I really didn’t know.. I just went for it. I filled the room with things I loved and hoped it’d come together. It all started with a DIY set of night stands.

master bedroom

Again, this is unfinished project number one. I am going to show you the progress photos of my room. It’s just about finished. I have to finish painting, replace the flooring and put up new trim. The trim looks nice and finished in the listing photo but the house was covered in mismatching trim even in the same room. This room for example has old dark wood trim around the closet and doorway. We want to go as far as replacing the ceiling dry wall as well and we’re probably going to do that before completing the room as well. It’s old, its wavy and its full of popcorn and imperfections.

Listing photo for bedroom two, now a shared room for our three girls. We have a third bedroom but made the decision to move the youngest in with the older two and give them triple bunks once she was old enough. We loved the idea of them sharing a room and being close to one another.

girls room

Bedroom three is currently under major construction. Flooring is gone and drywall is being replaced in the closet and one wall is being refinished. Ill update at a later date. It’s a small bedroom that was painted poop brown. We call it the nursery as all three of our children used it as just that. Of course, each time it was repainted and changed up.


To give you an idea here are two nursery photos from when daughter number two used it.