Reno: Part One

I’m going to dive in here with my official post.

Our house is so unfinished. There are so many unfinished projects that I don’t think I could show you one “finished” room in the house. I’m to blame. 

I may or may not have an obsession with changing things. I’m almost to the point of having things the way that I want. With the exception of a few finishing touches, paint, trim, flooring..

You know, something small that is usually left unfinished until the house is listed for sale, haha. In all seriousness I plan to get things crossed off of the honey do list so that this house will be completed.. until I change things up.. again.

I’ll start with the kitchen/living room. It our biggest project and the main portion of our small house. We have a galley kitchen, a small eat in kitchen,  and stairway that’s located between the living room and kitchen.

Now imagine a small space being even smaller due to walls and lack of lighting. This was our reality. Many times I threatened to move. I changed décor, rearranged name it I tried it.

I just couldn’t think of a solution other than a renovation. It’s something new to us. First time making a major change to a house, our first house. I was all for it, ready to knock out walls. I needed a plan.


To give you an idea, this is the living room. The second picture shows the wall that divided the living room and kitchen/dining room. It was also the wall that made up part of the stairwell. I like smaller rooms as far as coziness goes but in all reality lighting was an issue as we had no center light in the living room. We wanted it to feel bigger, lighter and brighter. So we took down some walls.



The end of the stairs use to be a little closet with a step up with access to the attic. You’ll notice the attic access in the ceiling in some other pictures. We’re looking to relocate it and do some serious drywall work.

We needed something to support the ceiling. Its not load bearing wall but some of the ceiling joists rested on the wall we were going to be taking down so they needed something else to rest on. My style is a mixture of many things; rustic, modern, vintage, eclectic and probably some other misc. I like to mix and match. I knew I wanted old barn beam railing and rebar spindles for around the stairway and because we needed support I decided to continue it up to the ceiling.

We also decided to make it a loop around which makes it look bigger and overall functions better. Again, the space is no where near finished but here are some progress photos.


Again, we live here and demoed while living here so things are a little messy/unorganized. We cut down the rest of the 2 x 4 wall down and its now a half wall but I’ll update that and our new electrical in our next post.

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